July 2015 I am looking for applicants for two new postdoc positions as part of the new BACI project. One will work on linking remote sensing to changes in plant diversity, and the other on bird diversity.

June 2015 Welcome to Anne-Christine Monnet, who will be working with me for the next 2 years on grass macroecology! Should be fun!

May 2015 I just returned from a very inspiring kickoff meeting for the new BACI project, hosted at the MPI for Biogeochemistry in Jena. We will be integrating a wide range of remote sensing data with on-the-ground ecosystem and biodiversity measurements. This should be a great project!

April 2015 Constantinos Tsirogiannis and I have just released an R package, called PhyloMeasures. It’s on CRAN, and our website is here. It provides very fast computation of phylogenetic diversity measures, such as NRI, NTI, PDI, UniFrac and many others.

February 2015 I am looking for a postdoc to work on grass macroecology! Applications are due March 1, and information can be found here.

September 2014 Our paper (lead by Tastuya Amano) on language extinction is out! It’s open access, and it has been covered by a bunch of news organizations (like the BBC and the Danish paper Politiken).

May 2014 Welcome to Blas Benito! Blas will be working with me on Neanderthal ecology as part of the Centre for Biocultural History.

March 2014 I will be teaching an R class this June! It will be very similar to last year’s “R for macroecology and global change studies,” which was a lot of fun (for me, at least!). The course will be June 22-27, at Sandbjerg Estate in southern Denmark. Here is the course announcement, including application instructions (due April 22) (R for Macroecology Course 2014 Announcement).

January 2014 I’m pleased to announce that we are now looking for a postdoc on “Geographical Ecology of Neanderthals” in the Centre for Biolcultural History. Here is information about the position – applications are due March 3.

December 2013 I traveled to Leipzig, for the sRegPool working group at sDiv. It was a very enjoyable and interesting week, and a great group of folks to work with.

November 2013 My paper on topography and tree cover is getting some media attention! It has been covered on (article here), (here), (here) and (here), among others. You can also hear me talk about the research on the Academic Minute (here).

October 2013 Our proposal to found the “Centre for Biocultural History” has been funded! Led by Peter Kjaergaard and including experts in ecoinformatics (me, Jens-Christian Svenning), genomics (Mikkel Schierup, Thomas Mailund), archaeology (Felix Reide, Trine Nielsen), history (Casper Andersen) and literature (Mathias Clasen), I am sure very interesting things will happen. We’ll be hiring postdocs soon!

March 2013 Welcome to Ziyu Ma, the first PhD student in the STABFOR project!

March 2013 I participated in a working group on developing a global vegetation plot database, hosted by the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) in Leipzig. We formed the sPlot consortium, which will seek to develop this database in the next few years. Exciting stuff!

September 2012 STABFOR has been funded by FNU (more-or-less the Danish NSF)! The project will be led by Jens-Christian Svenning, Finn Borchsenius and me, and we will get to hire several PhD students and postdocs in the coming years. Stay tuned for (hopefully) exciting results linking climate stability and forest composition and function!

October 2011 Coverage for the climate velocity paper! Articles about it appeared in ScienceNow (here), sciencedaily (here) and Yale’s environment360 (here). I also discussed the work on the Science podcast (here).