Other Interests

At various points in my life I have been a very avid ultimate player. I played the most as an undergrad, on as many as four teams at a time (if you know Carleton College, this should not be a surprise). I’ve had to slow down a bit since then, though. It seems that Ultimate is not much of a thing in Denmark, but I’m working on it.

No ecologist’s website is complete without mentioning how much s/he likes outdoor activities.  Well, I do too. Lately it has been mostly hiking, but I am always on the lookout for a good backpacking opportunity.

I’ve done the most trips in southern Arizona, with a little bit in New Mexico, California and Minnesota. Good times all around.

Digital Art
“Art” might be a stretch, but I have a long interest in digital media, including both 3-d rendering and digital painting. Over the years, I have developed skills in a variety of programs, including 3D Studio Max, Bryce, Terragen, Blender and Photoshop. Here is a gallery of some of my work

I’m a pretty huge fan of games. I like classic strategy games (Go, Chess), modern German games (Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico), card games (Cribbage, Magic) and party games (Pictionary, Dixit).

I am also an avid painter of miniatures, though I never seem to get around to actually playing miniatures games.

I know, I know. I’m a huge nerd 🙂