I am an ecologist with a quantitative bent. My research interests are very diverse, but typically involve several of the following elements:

Large collaborative projects
I am involved in several collaborative projects that involve these elements including:

  • “Paleoclimatic stability and evolutionary ecosystem ecology of Earth’s Forests (STABFOR)”. Ongoing research under this project addresses paleoclimate effects on diversity (taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional) of forests.
  • Aarhus University’s Centre for Biolcultural History. This is a highly interdisciplinary team focused on human evolution. My work with the group focuses on the ecology and distribution of Neanderthals.
  • sPlot, a group organized through the German sDiv center. We aim to build a massive global vegetation plot database.
  • BIEN, an NCEAS and NSF-funded group attempting to compile all available botanical records for the New World.
  • BACI, an EU Horizon 2020 project on detecting ecosystem changes using remote sensing data.

Personal projects
Some projects that I am currently most actively working on include:

  • Drivers of the vegetation greening trend in recent decades (utilizing remote sensing data)
  • Macroecological patterns in grasses
  • Reconstructing evolutionary rates from phylogenies and spatial information
  • Algorithms for rapid computations on huge phylogenetic trees