Human ecology

Figure from Amano et al 2014

The relationship between language population and range size (Amano et al. 2014)

Humans, and our close relatives, have had unusually large impacts on global ecology. Nevertheless, we are subject to many of the same ecological constraints as other species, leading to interesting parallels between socio-cultural patterns and ecological patterns. Together with colleagues from Cambridge (Bill Sutherland, Tatsuya Amano), East Anglia University (Richard Davies) and Copenhagen (Bo Dalsgaard, Carsten Rahbek), I am studying macroecological patterns in human languages, which share many intriguing patterns with mammal macroecology,

I am also part of a new research center at Aarhus University (the Centre for Biocultural History), that integrates ecological, evolutionary, cultural and archaeological perspectives to provide insight into deep human (and hominid) history.