Current courses

R for Macroecology, Aarhus University (2011-2015…)
I teach a course for Ph.D. students on statistical programming in R, particularly its applications in the analysis of massive spatial data sets. It is a very practical course, featuring lots of hands-on exercises and a project. I created the course in 2011 with Jonathan Lenoir and Daniel Kissling, taught it alone in 2012 and modified it into a one-week intensive summer course in 2013 with Diego Nieto Lugilde (funded by the Stay or Go Network) and 2014 and 2015 (funded by IRSAE).


R course 2013 participants

R course 2014 participants

R course 2014 participants


R course 2015!

Multivariate Analysis of Biological Data, Aarhus University (2012-2015…)
This course gives advanced undergraduate students (and a few masters or PhD students) the theoretical background and practical skills to perform a range of multivariate analyses in R. We cover multiple regression, several flavors of ordination, clustering and visualization of high-dimensional data.

Biological research in theory and practice (2013-2015…)
First-year biology students take a class introducing them to how research in biology is done. As part if it, students are put into small groups and sent out into the sections of the department to perform a very small research project. I supervised two such groups this year (together with Peder Bøcher), working on global mammal diversity patterns.

Statistics refresher (2015…)
A (re-)introduction to statistics for beginning Ph.D. students. A quick survey of theory and practice in statistics, with an emphasis on practical skills in R to prepare students to design, conduct and analyze studies.

Past courses

Ecology, San Francisco State University (2009)
This was my first time designing and running a course. San Francisco State University needed a temporary replacement to teach their core ecology course. I was finishing up my Ph.D. at the time but I got the job and with it the great experience of designing and teaching an ecology course. I designed the syllabus, wrote all my own lectures, and worked with two TAs to create laboratory sections. All-in-all, it was a great experience, and I am very grateful to the folks at SFSU who made it happen. At the risk of bragging a bit, here is what some students had to say about me:

“Great teacher, one of the best I’ve ever had.”

“Great job for your first time as a teacher.  You were very enthusiastic and passionate.  I would definitely take another class by you!””Hire Brody for more than just this semester!”

Read all of my students’ comments here: SFSU Fall 2009 student evaluations.

Tropical Rainforest Ecology TA, Carleton College (2006)
In Fall, 2006 I traveled to La Selva Biological Station to help teach the Tropical Rainforest Ecology field course for my alma mater, Carleton College. I had taken the course myself in 2002. I helped students plan and execute research projects on a wide variety of topics, and learned a lot about teaching field courses.

Teaching Colloquium Graduate Student Instructor, UC Berkeley (2008, 2009)
I twice taught a graduate seminar on teaching methods in the Integrative Biology department at UC Berkeley. We covered a range of topics related to both the practice and theory of teaching. For example, we discussed test design, the role of technology in the classroom, types of learning, and alternative and unusual teaching approaches. Most students taking the course were also teaching in the department for the first time, so the course was guided by students’ immediate practical needs as well.

Introductory Biology, Evolution, Methods of Environmental Science, Graduate Student Instructor, UC Berkeley (2004-2007)
I taught a bunch of other courses at Berkeley too, including introductory and upper-level courses and a course designed to prepare students for a research-based senior thesis. In 2008, I received the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award for my work on the introductory biology course.

class photo

Carleton College Tropical Rainforest Ecology class, 2006